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About Us

You're getting married. That's awesome. 

You're planning the biggest event of your life and suddenly expected to know everything there is to know about planning a wedding. All while looking glamorous and -- wait for it -- glowing. That's terrifying. 

DPNAK blends a mix of CONSULTING, COORDINATION and DAY-OF MANAGEMENT allowing you to guide you effortlessly through the planning process and keep you chaos-free on your wedding day.


Consulting is a word you don’t really hear much of in the wedding magazines. But, having a wedding consultant on your team means having someone who knows (almost) everything about planning a wedding. We will introduce you to the best vendors in the industry and keep you on-track with to-do’s you should be focusing on. We’ll guide you through decisions keeping etiquette, practicality and logic in mind and ensure everything stays organized throughout the process. Talk to us as much as you like. Ask any questions you have. We don’t keep track of hours, so we’re all yours (and you receive a response very quickly, unless it’s 3am).


As you get closer to your wedding day, there’s going to be more (and more) decisions that you’ll need to make. While we can’t stop your Mom (or future Mother-In-Law) from inviting every single Aunt you’ve never even met, we can deal with the logistics of your wedding vendors. We’ll build a timeline and itinerary for the whole day, confirm your vendors and keep them in the loop. We also keep your wedding party in said loop by sending them a “mini” version of your timeline letting them know when they’ll be getting ready, when it’s time to smile for some photos and when it’s time to kick off their shoes and boogie.


Day-Of Management is the absolute must-have for every single couple. No matter how organized you are (or pretend you are) there will be a million things that happen on your wedding day. Many of those things will be very happy and cool moments with your new partner. But there will be things happening in the background that you will not be able to manage. You give us all the information and we make sure the behind-the-scenes is going as planned and fixing it when it’s not. We oversee setup, assist with your rehearsal and guide everyone through the wedding day seamlessly – making you look like a rockstar.

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