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About Us

Why Dreamcatcher?

We feel that your wedding day is not made up by moments we create, but rather, moments that are defined by emotion. It is about the relationships of your loved ones, the celebration of a beautiful event, and the union of your love. We capture things as they happen, to tell your love story in such a way that years from now, you can look upon your wedding images and feel the passion that was present that day.

Your wedding day is personal, emotional, candid, artistic and romantic...your wedding photographs should be too.

I truly love my job...I get to meet so many good and happy people, many of which remain friends with us long after the vows have been taken. We are happy, relaxed, joyful people, and I like to think that some of that is portrayed in our style of photography. Photography is a very personal expression of art, and I feel honored to each couple that gives me a window into their love story and the opportunity to capture it. My husband, Don, photographs wedding with me, bringing his own style and interpretation to the "Dreamcatcher" experience.