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About Us

We want our clients to want to watch their wedding video. So we came up with a concept that makes your day fun to watch.

DreamPost Weddings are truly a unique product. One type of video that we will produce is called the "Concept Video". It may be a short movie, music video, or a video about the bride and groom called a 'Love Story'. We use our expertise in documentary filmmaking and incorporate this into telling your story. We spend time with the bride and groom before we shoot to truly cater each wedding video to the couple's needs. We like to think that we are the masters when it comes to the 'Love Story', but in true reality, the bride and groom are the stars. Our directors sit with each bride and groom and ask them to share moments of the relationship that have brought each other together. This makes every wedding video unique. We also try to get sound bites from other members of the family to incorporate it into the video. It's a very simple procedure that ends up with fascinating results.

We are proud to say that our videos have been selected by the Lifetime Network as their featured weddings. Ask us for a demo to see one of our weddings on 'Weddings of a Lifetime: Dream Weddings on a Budget', featuring Darian and Grant Mathais.