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About Us

about Dressigner:

Dressigner is a small business offering professional dressmaking and alteration services, dedicated to people who appreciate fashion and the work of artisans.  It's  mission in this era of industry is quality of a beautifully sculpted gown, with an intimate fit, and extreme attention to detail.  My personal time, care and efforts are put into every creation.  The creations are often decorated with beaded embellishments and hand made fabric flowers, imported from Europe and Asia.  Coming to dressigner will deliver you the peace of mind that comes with the perfect fit.  Here you become your own fashion designer and I only give the advice.  My love for sewing finds its roots in the hearts of happy and satisfied clients.

 services offered:

why should you choose Malgo to alter your gown?

I am a professional dressmaker with many years of custom sewing experience.   I create wedding dresses from scratch which inquire much more skill and knowledge than just altering them.  I guarantee the best quality service.  I never take shortcuts when working on a garment; the beads and lace on your dress will always be sewn on and never glued.  The seams will be finished in an artistic way and pressed neatly.  Old seams will be removed and excess seam allowance will be cut.  I do all the pinning and sewing personally without any third parties involved.  I don't commit to projects which exceed my abilities and guarantee that your garment won't leave my studio until it's completed to your satisfaction.

entirely custom wedding dress:

Consultation is free of charge and by appointment only.  First, I would advise you trying on dresses in a shop and finding examples of what you really like.  You can have someone take pictures of your favorites and pencil in any changes or details you want added.  Collecting and bringing photos from the magazines of necklines, bodices, skirts, and trains is crucial, and helps you communicate in presenting your own ideas.  I will discuss your preferences and vision.  I will educate and help you determine what style works best for your individual silhouette as well as in the selection of fabrics and appliques.  You may choose them from the samples I offer, or decide to purchase your own.  Your detailed measurements will be taken at the first consultation; it's extremely important to wear your best fitting undergarments at that time.  You will receive a written contract specifying your gown, including a firm price.  You will take part in the entire designing and creating process.  Each gown requires 3-8 fittings, depending on its complexity.  At your first, and most important, fitting you will be presented with a muslin version of your gown.  Then the major adjustments to the pattern will be done.  Each fitting will bring you closer to the gown you envision.  As you watch your dream gown come to life, you may add or change some of its details.  Allow up to three months for the completion of your creation.