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About Us

Photography - it's always been our passion.

That's how all great things start out, isn't it? Something you dream about, envision in your mind, tell others about, chase relentlessly - what you love. Elisha and I started young, and by the time we reached college, we knew photography was something special to us. When we met, it was like we were meant to be - we became best friends on a photo shoot. Now we're a husband and wife team - and as with everything else, we work together. Most people don't get to enjoy what we do — seeing each other at work, and loving the work we do. Photography is something that brought us together and we want others to be able to experience that by sharing what brought us together with you!

Who can say what a photo will end up like? After all, it's simply a manipulation of what we see with our eyes. But that's what makes it special - it's capturing something that can't be held, and it's being able to relive that moment again and again - even after the memories have faded. Photography is something everyone can enjoy - and we love putting together pictures that you will want to show again and again - long after the special day is over.