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About Us

there is a very simple reason that you should choose eagle eye photography for your wedding coverage. it's what sets up apart from our competitors, and can be summed up in a single word.....LIMITS.

when you choose eagle eye photography, there are NO LIMITS on...

1. Time. on your wedding day, we're yours from sun-up to long past sun down. afterward, your on-line proofs are displayed for as long as your loved ones need them.

2. IMAGES. it's ridiculous to think that a day of such importance could have a limit on necessary images imposed by the individual(s) in charge of capturing it. we'll shoot more then you could possibly need.

3. EQUIPMENT. we use only top-of-the-line digital photographic equipment. from cameras to lenses to the lab in charge of creating your prints, we take the high road.

4. DIGITAL ENHANCEMENT. any image can be converted from color to black-and-white, sepia, or hand-tinted to contain a mix of each - at no charge. heck, we can even get rid of scars fro that out-of-control bachelorette party weeks before.

the bottom line is this...
we recognize that amount of planning and preparation that goes into making your wedding day. we appreciate the notion that our job is to create a historical record of how you and those around you FELT throughout the day, and are honored whenever a bride and groom put their faith in us to do so.

the day is yours to enjoy, and ours to capture. we'll do just that, and put you right back in the moments that made it so special for years to come.