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About Us

I am a trained pre-marital counselor and use the PREPARE/ENRICH program to assess couples who are engaged or thinking about engagement increase their skills across 12 relationship areas to build a stronger future together. The program can be tailored for same-sex couples, couples with various faiths, couples with children, and address cross-cultural issues.

How it Works

Couples are assigned to take an initial online survey that is completed separately in about 30-45 minutes. There is a one-time fee to Prepare-Enrich of $35.00 payable on their website. The questions are intended to help couples identify the unique strengths already in their relationship and areas requiring growth, clarity, and significant communication. Couples work together with me in session and are provided workbooks to practice homework assignments outside of sessions to be completed together. Most couples require an average of 8-10 individual 60 minute sessions in order to complete the program. Highly conflicted couples may require additional sessions. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the program.

Located in Pinole, CA off the Appian Way I-80 Exit. Visit www.EastBayAreaTherapy.com to learn more.