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New York Premier Yacht Charter Company
Weddings on board these upscale luxury yachts for those brides and grooms that care to be unique and set themselves apart from the everyday catering hall choose to have their wedding cruise on board their own private yacht for the day and/or evening as they cruise along the Hudson River and East Rivers of New York City with memorable views of the majestic New York City Skyline, The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

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White Glove Wedding Ceremony and Reception Cruise
Have your white glove wedding ceremony and reception cruise aboard the Luxury Motor Yacht Rendezvous or Luxury Motor Yacht Romantica and Mega Motor Yacht Atlantica! Your Choice of an available Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening in 2008. A 6.5 hour event, 30 minutes to board, 30 minutes ceremony time, no charge, courtesy of East Coast Yacht Cruises, 5 hour actual cruise, 30 minutes to disembark.

Millennium 75
Motor Yacht Sea Ray
Motor Yacht Real Escape
Motor Yacht Romantica
Motor Yacht Rendezvous
Motor Yacht Abigail K
Motor Yacht Cayah Michelle
Motor Yacht Sarita
Motor Yacht Cabaret
Motor Yacht Calypso
Classic Motor Yacht Eatern Star
Classic Motor Yacht Noa Danielle
Classic Motor Yacht Mariner III
Classic Motor Yacht Valiant
Classic Motor Yacht Manhattan


Mega Motor Yacht Atlantica
Motor Yacht Princess
Motor Yacht Duchess
Motor Yacht Skyline Princess
Motor Yacht Jewel
Motor Yacht Lorianna
Lady Windridge
Spirit of New York
Spirit of New Jersey
Motor Yacht Royal Princess
Motor Yacht Destiny
Motor Yacht Amberjack V
Motor Yacht Lockness
Motor Yacht Zephyr
Cornucopia Princess
Conrucopia Majesty