Eat Eatclectic Mobile Eats

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Denver, CO 80210
United States

Every wedding is uniquely special - we will work with you to create a culinary experience that's fits your wedding vision perfectly. At a high level, how your guests enjoy their meals will fall into one of the following categories:

Food Cooked to Order: For weddings with fewer guests (generally less than 100), food can be cooked to order. We work with you to create a limited menu, and guests can place an order at the truck service window in the typical food truck fashion. This option can also work for larger weddings that will have a less formal meal served over a longer period of time.

Buffet: For weddings that have a larger number of expected attendees (generally greater than 100), a buffet is an attractive option. That way, people can see the food before they make their meal choice, and the food can be served in a shorter period of time - less time eating and serving, more time socializing and dancing!

Plated Dinner: The feasibility of this option depends greatly on the venue you choose, the size of your wedding, and the number of entrees you choose. We'll figure out the details and see if this option is a good fit!

Eat Eatclectic Mobile Eats is a Denver-based gourmet food truck that serves an eclectic mix of globally inspired foods for your eating delight, like Greek, Mexican, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, and American, to name a few. We use only the finest, freshest, organic ingredients and make most everything from scratch.