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About Us

Edisonian Studios is committed to a reputation of innovative concepts and professional level video production, while maintaining a classical feel for lasting impressions. Your wedding day production is approached with high levels of skill and attention to detail in order to ensure that the creative vision is effectively delivered.

The Visual:
In order to achieve a more cinematic representation of your wedding, Edisonian Studios approaches each project in the similar way a major motion picture would be produced; carefully composing camera angles, telling a better story through multiple cameras, and using color correction to enhance moods and viewing experience. Combining the footage with unparalleled editing and visual effects, you will begin to notice and appreciate the value of a wedding “movie” by Edisonian Studios.

The Audio:
Audio is the most important element in any visual presentation. If you find yourself constantly adjusting the audio as the video progresses, it would be reasonable to say that the videographer did not take the time to properly adjust all the audio levels during editing. This process is called normalization, and often entails more than just “tweaking” the volume. We at Edisonian Studios take this process very seriously. As the music and dialogue of any major motion picture plays a significant role in the cinematic experience, we scrutinize over the proper mix of voice, music and sound effects.

There may be many more questions and concerns you’d like answered. Please feel free to schedule an appointment and we’ll be glad to answer them!