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About Us

Your wedding day is a spectacular occasion, brimming with memories that must be captured. Trust Edwin P. Huddle Photography to beautifully chronicle the emotion and the event.

Edwin Huddle possesses the rare ability to create timeless photographs. He draws on both artistic sensitivity and 30 years of professional experience to document the true emotions of his subjects. Spontaneous and sensitive, Ed's work reveals intimate moments without being intrusive.

Huddle's documentary and fine art style of wedding photography beautifully documents events as they unfold. He possesses the keen ability to photograph an event while remaining inconspicuous - Ed follows the action rather than leading it. Many brides comment, "I had no idea he was there" when they see a special moment on film.

Our goal is to create photographs that are stronger in perspective and deeper in emotion than a series of portraits obtained through the typical "wedding formula" approach. We strive to escape stiffness and formality. Each photograph is a work of fine art, professionally processed and hand-printed in our darkroom.

Browse through some of our recent work - but please remember that the fine nuances of light and texture are best viewed in the printed pieces. We would love to schedule a consultation for you to view our work first-hand.

Contact us (via phone or e-mail) to set up an appointment to explore a partnership with Edwin Huddle Photography for your wedding and/or portraiture needs.