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About Us

I consider myself both a photojournalist and a traditional photographer. I love to capture the moment and the emotions that run through each special wedding day. But I also love to create beautiful, romantic photographs. The best of both worlds is when I set up a romantic pose and then have the bride and groom interact with each other naturally. The wonderful expressions and natural feel to the pose is what makes the image perfect. I pay close attention to the details; the cake, the rings, the flowers and all of the unique touches put into your wedding.

I provide top quality service and products for my clients and individual attention to their needs and wants. After all, it is YOUR Wedding Day. I believe my clients should thoroughly experience and enjoy their wedding, and so I put all of my energy and focus on how to provide that for them. If a bride needs something to drink or eat, a break from the events, a buffer from a difficult situation or just a resolution to a difficult situation (no matter what area it falls in), I try to resolve those issues for her, so that she truly will love this magical day. I feel that I am successful when the bride and groom tell me they loved having me at their wedding.

I provide top quality traditional wedding albums and digital albums and many package options. My aim is to provide high quality services and products at reasonable prices so that everyone can walk away from their wedding day with beautiful photographs and wonderful memories.

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