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GOWN CLEANING & PRESERVATION SERVICES:  process description below

To best address any spills or stains, it is very important to clean the gown immediately after being worn. Stains that soak for longer than 48 hours are more difficult to remove. Once your gown is cleaned, it is hand pressed to restore the like new finish.

Our specialist hand steam presses your gown to make sure all wrinkles disappear, that every pleat or crease falls naturally, and the hemline has a clean soft fold. Areas with beading or buttons are carefully addressed to avoid any damage. After the meticulous pressing, the draping and lines of the gown will fall just as the designer intended.

Anything can happen on your wedding day. Missing buttons or beading, or a torn hem or zipper are no exception. Our professional seamstress will repair the gown with the skill that would be expected of a 30 year veteran.

After your gown has been cleaned and pressed, we encourage you to come and inspect your gown before we place it in our acid-free museum quality preservation paper board chest. Your gown is skillfully folded with layers of acid-free tissue, to prevent creases and wrinkles from developing. We add additional tissue in the box to ensure that the gown is in place and there is no room for movement. The chest has two lids, one with a plastic window so that you can view your gown, and a sturdier lid meant for use during storage.

Honeymoon + Shipping
We will arrange to have your gown picked up at your destination wedding or honeymoon location (anywhere in the US) and shipped to our plant where we will clean and preserve your dress. We will ship a box to your location and work with the concierge to have your gown gently folded and packed into the shipping box. It is insured and shipped directly to our plant where we will carefully clean and preserve the gown for you. Upon completion (or upon your return from your honeymoon), we will deliver the gown to your location of preference.