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About Us

Whether two people in love are attracted opposites or two peas in a pod, the road to planning their wedding day can often be a bumpy one. Many brides especially struggle with the wish to create the perfect celebration, but have a difficult time developing a clear vision of how their big day will pan out thematically, visually, and logistically.

Element Weddings was borne from a desire to go beyond conventional wedding planning and to provide brides with a fun, innovative way to conceptualize their dream day. Our distinctive approach to the planning and designing of events is inspired by the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. From Taoism to Hinduism to Native American tradition and even to modern Astrology, ideologies around the world believe that these elements govern all of nature, and help to shape our individual temperaments, perspectives, and behaviors.

At Element Weddings, we use the four elements as a creative framework to help pinpoint your personal tastes, and to provide vivid metaphorical blueprints for design. By determining your unique style and preferences in terms of those elements, we can create a specific, unifying theme that encompasses every aspect of your wedding. From the color scheme to the floral palette, from the food you serve to the favors your guests take home with them, your celebration will be the ultimate extension of you and your partner, and a meaningful, creative and beautiful reflection of your lives together.

The meeting of two hearts and minds is the most beautiful and fascinating union there is. The ideal wedding is a celebration of that union, but it should also express the many singular qualities that both partners contribute to shape the dynamics of your relationship.

Whether you are drawn to a wedding that is classic or contemporary, simple or luxurious, large or intimate, Element will help you to discover and articulate the mood of your wedding with thought, imagination and great attention to detail.

** Support your favorite charity through Element Weddings **

We believe in making the joyous occasion of your wedding even more gratifying through the act of giving. 5% of every package booked with us will be donated to the charity of your choice, in your name. Whenever applicable, we will obtain a certificate of donation from that organization for you.