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About Us

Elisa B.

Elisa is an artist, a wife, and the consummate romantic. Her quest to uncover and celebrate beauty is sublimely matched with the art of photography. Melding a traditional, minimally processed photographic style with modern touches, she is deliberate in her approach. From her modest beginnings at age twelve, with a 1970's film camera and bare light bulb "studio lighting", to today's newest digital equipment, Elisa's ambition remains unchanged: to capture who her clients are in the present, reflect their dreams for the future, and create art that emanates beauty.

Edward B.

Edward is the counterpart to Elisa. The yin to her yang, his photographic style takes on a masculine interpretation of beauty. An artist-businessman, Edward's strength is one of careful analysis and precision. Behind the scenes, he brings the business know-how to Elisa B. On location, he oversees lighting and focuses on capturing the hidden moments, details, and candids, which so often go unseen.

Elisa B. + Edward B.

Together we share a love and appreciation for life, and photography plays a large part in that. We were married in 2004 and have lived in Charlottesville since we graduated from the University of Virginia. Like many of our clients, we were married in that iconic structure that is the UVA Chapel. When we're not photographing, we love to eat our way around town, spend time with our fabulous son Lucien, and play with our dynamite, seven pound Maltese, Jack. We reminisce about travel, and every few weeks talk about going to Cairo, Lake Atitlán, or "just back to Paris." Thankfully, our sensational clients keep us rooted in Charlottesville.