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About Us

What makes me different?
In the last few years, the number of advertised wedding photographers has, at least, doubled in the Tucson area. So how do you find the perfect one among all your choices?

Experience: I have been involved in photography professionally for over 12 years. I have been specializing in weddings for over ten years. This means that not only do I have experience in shooting and composing photographs, but I understand your needs on your special day.

Portfolio and Style: I have an extensive portfolio that you can view on my website. I am also happy to let you see a full gallery from a recent wedding I've done, or e-mail you photographs I've shot from your venue. I combine both photojournalistic and traditional photography so that you have complete coverage of every moment of your day.

Price: You will find all of my prices on my website. I am very affordable in comparison to most other photographers with my experience. I strive to provide high-end, quality photography at an affordable price.

Flexibility: I never limit my time. Each of my packages includes an event, not an hourly limit. If you hire me for the reception, I'm there until you kick me out! I do not offer prints in my packages, instead I offer a dollar credit that you use on your online gallery. This allows you to order the prints that you want. Who wants to be stuck with 8x10s when your grandparents really want 5x7s? I also always include a DVD with all of your digital proofs and printing rights, so if you are looking for cheap budget prints, you can print them yourself!

Attitude & Temperament: Anyone who had a bad wedding photographer experience will tell you that it was their attitude that ruined the day. Anyone who had a great photographer will testify that the photographer's temperament made all the difference! I am a relaxed, fun-loving person, and I strive to help you feel that way on your wedding day. The way you feel with your photographer will show itself in the pictures, so be sure you pick one you are comfortable with. See the "raves" page on my website for testimonials.