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About Us

Planning Today for Tomorrow's Event…Eloquent Impressions is an event management design firm specializing in multi-cultural and destination weddings. Our teams of dedicated experts have created a way to afford you the ability to relax and enjoy the planning process while you plan your event. It's that simple! There is an old saying "you can't fully understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." Our team of event planners has already taken off their shoes to fill yours.

Our staff is highly trained to guide you through the planning process with ease, ultimately leading to a flawless event. Planning your event with Eloquent Impressions is like taking a walk in the park. Your schedule will not be overloaded with researching vendors, scheduling appointments, budget management, composing timelines for your vendors and bridal party, time away from your significant other and more time away from each other. Eloquent Impressions will put on your shoes and walk a mile and a half to ensure that you and your mate can continue to have leisure time on your calendar. When you are ready to take that walk through the park, contact your personal event designer.