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About Us

You have wisely decided to have your wedding day captured on video.

So why choose Elvensong Productions? We could tell you about our state-of-the-art cameras and production facilities. And we could tell you about our wireless mics and digital recorders. We could tell you about our beautiful DVDs with full motion menus and elegant packaging.

But what you really need to know is what our customers think of us:

"Dear Dean and Elaine:

WOW! Your video of our daughter's wedding far exceeded my already high expectations! Your unique combination of abundant talent and technology delivered a stunningly beautiful documentary of our daughter and son-in law's love story and wedding. In many ways watching the DVD was better than being there because of the artistic angles, cutting in, and slow motion sequences.

You both seemed to have an intuitive grasp on what to capture and worked seamlessly with the photographer, wedding party and guests. I was hardly aware of your presence but it did give me great peace of mind to know you were there that day because the whole event went by in a flash and a blur.

My husband and I both agree that the dollars we spent with you were indeed the best dollars spent on the wedding! When you consider all the effort and expense put into planning, attire, flowers, food, venue and the fact that this is a lifetime event that you have been looking toward since your daughter's birth, it is well worth every dollar to have it so artistically yet realistically recorded.

The photomontage shown at the conclusion of the ceremony was delightfully choreographed with the music and watching the bride and groom, placed side by side, growing up from infancy was a special treat.

The Love Story video was the highlight of the reception, entertaining the guests while the bride and groom got a chance to sit down and get something to eat while watching. You did a fabulous job with Lindsey's song and Mercedes' composition.

Sitting down to watch the video of the wedding was the perfect after party! Truly a satisfying reward to all our prior efforts! We feel you were very generous with us in the time and talent you lavished on our project. We found you both to be very gracious and professional and a pleasure to do business with. ~Very Sincerely, Thomasine Morris"

Visit our website for more testimonials and example clips. But don't rely solely on "demo" clips. We will send you a complete wedding DVD so you can see an entire finished product, not just the best shots from different weddings. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Trust Elvensong Productions to capture the magic of your wedding day. Anything less is just another wedding video.