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About Us

Congratulations for taking steps to begin your marriage with a practical, research based, insightful marriage education program. The Premarital Workshop will teach you skills and give you the knowledge that will get your marriage on the path of success.

Leading marital researchers like John Gottman and Howard Markman are saying these skill-based pre-marital workshops are the best way to "Divorce-Proof your marriage". Marital researchers agree that participating in good premarital education may reduce your chance of divorce by 30% and increase your marital satisfaction.

The Premarital Workshop is based on effective content from major premarital education programs such as PREP (Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program) and PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills). A strong influence from John Gottman and Michele Weiner-Davis.

Nikelle Rosier is an Advanced Level Marital Therapist and over 10 of marriage education training and experience. Not to mention married with kids! 

This program uses assessment and the latest research to give you the tools you need for success.  An important piece of this program is also having fun! 

Couples often ask should I do the private session or the Spring Workshop.   The answer is:  It depends on your need and your timing.  The workshop is only offered in the spring and is a small group format.   Skills are taught and couples split off in the room and practice.   The private package is more individually tailored for you.  Some couples want to work on their skills around a particular issue:  blending of families, trust, conflict, or they just want to  have a more personalized experience.  It is up to you. 

The workshops are offered every spring starting the first week of April and run consequetively for 5 to six weeks.  Sometimes we add a sixth week if the group wants a special focus:  such as finance, parenting or sex.


Come and have some fun!