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Your Wedding day is a once in a life time event. My mission and commitment is to make you look your MOST Beautiful on this special day.

I can provide brides-to-be, and their brides' maides, with the latest fashion looks, from glamour and fashion model make-ups, to a span of natural looks and styles.

If you are getting married, or going to a private party, or a fashion photo shoot, Shirin and her team will help you choose the style and makeup that would create the best desired look for you.


Hair & Makeup Services
To Make An Appointment Please Call:

        Bride wedding day hair only   $195
        Bride wedding day makeup only   $195
        Bride wedding day hair/makeup   $350
        Bridesmaids hair   $85
        Bridesmaids makeup   $85
        Bridesmaids hair/makeup   $150
        Bride-trial hair   $85
        Bride-trail makeup   $85
        Bride-trial hair/makeup   $150
        Hair cuts   $25
        Strip lash   $20
        Individuall lash   $25
            Brow Wax   $20
        Lip Wax   $10
        Chin Wax   $10

Your Wedding day is a once in a life time event. One must be sure to hire only the best bridal professionals whom will bring out and enhance your natural beauty.