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Digital photography has grown ubiquitous, flooding our lives with all manner of colorful content.  Amidst the chatter, our own small stories can seem lost in the shuffle.  But sometimes, an experience is so significant, that it cries out for its day in the sun.  Such sparkling moments have the power to fascinate and astonish, but are not easily captured.  Many elements are required:  technology, technique, practice, confidence, and above all, creativity.  The challenge never gets old, it never gets easy, it simply evolves at its own pace.  And in this way, Erica finds her passion.

For those who know her, Erica remains a constant source of surprise.  Her creative energy is voracious and inspirational.  She has an instinctive ability to draw us into her world, where the boundaries between art, friendship and amusement cease to matter.  Constantly searching for the next opportunity to seize something special, Erica is always at the ready.  And when the time is right, Erica sets to work uncovering hidden treasure, with a technique so smooth and easy that participants often walk away feeling revived, as if they'd just spent an hour in the Maui surf.  Later, when we sit and marvel at the images she's created, you can't help but feel that a story has been masterfully written, with images so striking a thousand words wouldn't tell such a tale.

Erica's growing portfolio displays a range of work that spans both the traditional and the uncommon.  This diverse mix hints at her own inner workings, for if nothing else, Erica is a woman of contrasts.  Equally at home on stage, atop her surfboard, or tucked away in a darkroom, Erica can seem impossible to pin down.  Yet it is through artistic expression that Erica's complex motivations effortlessly coalesce into her signature style.  I invite you to see for yourself...            


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