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About Us

My name is Erik Merkow, owner and photographer of Erik Merkow Photography. My experience with photography dates back more than 20 years which has given me the time to develop my creativity and style which is unique and personal.

My photo style is centered on photojournalism giving me the ability to create and capture special moments. Photography has always been an extremely passionate part of my life which has enabled me to express and capture special and lasting memories for my family, friends and clients.

Wedding photography provides a fantastic medium to utilize the talents I've developed over the years using my journalistic eye which has allowed me to capture the anticipation, excitement, beauty, joy and laughter shared with family and friends. My goal is to capture this once in a lifetime experience so the memories that are painted on paper reflect the moments as they happened in your mind and in your heart. I know the decision to find the right photographer for this incredible celebration is a great challenge in and of itself; therefore I would be honored to be a part of this special day.