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About Us

When photographing weddings, it is my objective to capture engaging images and not be in the way of the day's events. I believe that a wedding is about the couple and their guests and it is my job to record it, not control it.

I usually begin photographing the day with the bride getting ready as her friends and family are around. This is a special time with many details and emotions that are unique to each wedding.

I photograph the processional with two cameras (using an assistant when applicable), shooting color and black & white film. I prefer to use natural lighting within the church/ceremony location. I find flash photography can be very obtrusive to a ceremony (however sometimes it is applicable). A good time to photograph many of the necessary formal photographs is after the ceremony and receiving line, but before the reception begins. Weather permitting, outside of the church or ceremony area is usually ideal. During the reception I capture all the different events, this is also a good time to capture more formals of family and friends.

I will be taking many photographs throughout the day. It is important to know that I am not looking for you to smile directly at me all the time that I am around you. I may be looking for an image that shows you smiling at another person. Of course during family formals it is preferable that you smile for the camera. You would wear yourself out trying to smile for the camera all day, and that is not the type of pictures I am looking for.

I have a general schedule of the day that I discuss with you prior to your wedding day. This way we both know what we should be doing throughout the day because it is what you have both determined you want. There are times during the formals that I guide people where to stand, sit or how to hold their bouquets, If someone doesn't want to follow my guidelines, I cannot make them.

My approach to photographing a wedding is to give you the images you want. Everyone's taste is a little different. I enquire what images are important. My interest is to capture your day as it unfolds naturally, with an artistic approach that is candid, fresh, observant and unobtrusive.

I take my creativity and my business very seriously and will always do my best for you. I look forward to working with you, and for you.