About Us

These classes are open to nearly and newly committed couples and meet requirements for premarital counseling. You must register in advance and space is limited as the class usually holds only 3-4 couples at one time. The classes are taught by Erin and are located in McLean, Virginia. The classes will include the PREPARE workbook and light refreshments and snacks. If you and your partner would like to complete the PREPARE Inventory in addition to the class, you may do so for an additional $30 per couple.

What you and your partner will learn…

•Explore strength and growth areas
•Strengthen communication skills
•Identify and manage major stressors
•Understand and Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model
•Develop a more balanced and connected relationship
•Explore family of origin issues and family planning
•Discuss financial planning and budgeting
•Establish personal, couple and family goals
•Understand and appreciate marriage expectations
•Understand and appreciate personality differences
•and More…