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About Us

Each of our clients has their own story to tell. You’ve invited us into your life for your biggest occasion, and we value the trust and responsibility you’ve placed in us. While we provide the equipment and the technical knowledge, you provide the inspiration.

That’s why customer service is so important to us. Our team will always meet with you ahead of time to discuss your needs and the details of your event, and we are happy to attend rehearsal dinners or other preparations in order to have the fullest sense of the event you’ve invited us to film. We always arrive properly dressed for the occasion, and we pride ourselves on our ability to set up our equipment and record your event in a professional and unobtrusive manner. We are available to answer any questions you might have during the editing process, and we always respond promptly to feedback and requests, ensuring that you receive the video you want at a great value. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. 

We use the best equipment and stay in touch with the latest technology to ensure that each video is of the highest quality. Our cameras include Sony PMW-EX1R and CANON 5D Mark II, which provide crisp HD images and top-quality picture performance. We also use steady-cam equipment, fluid-head tripods, advanced microphones including on-camera mics and wireless lavalieres, and a range of lights and filters for indoor and outdoor events. All of our videos are edited on 24-core processors using the latest versions of Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Studio Pro, and After Effects.

Event Media Production offers a full range of professional videography services. We know that each event is unique and requires a video that highlights its particular tone, essence, and environment. Our experienced videographers, technicians, and editors will ensure that your video is tailored to your exact specifications. Our films have a cinematic look and feel that captures the imagination of your audience and turns your video into an eye-catching, inspiring narrative. Our specialties include:

You’ve asked us to capture some of the most important moments in your life. Our high-quality videos will preserve the spirit and emotions of your wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement party, or other major life event. You can savor the moments you missed and share the event with those who were unable to attend, or relive your important day all over again for years to come.






Great work!

Sep 20, 2012