About Us

Mike Ewing has been providing mobile DJ entertainment in the Bay Area since 1986. Mike's enthusiastic, polished and professional style has made him a clear favorite with clients looking for a DJ who can skillfully handle not only the music but will orchestrate the smooth flow of activities at their event. It's no surprise that the name of Mike Ewing appears as a preferred vendor at numerous Bay Area facilities.

Master-of-Ceremony duties include smoothly introducing your wedding party, coordinating toasts, announcing your cake cutting, and a myriad of other milestone moments throughout the reception. Needless to say, they'll be an integral part of your reception. The frequently voiced assertion that the DJ can make or break or your party can be confirmed by any on-site coordinator.

Mike's skill and knowledge of music makes him a perfect fit for wedding audiences which tend to be very diverse. More importantly, Mike's ability to read and respond to an audience is unmatched in the industry.

Take great care to hire a disc jockey with a personality and style that you're comfortable with. A professional DJ, for privacy reasons, cannot invite you to someone else's event to provide you with an opportunity to view their work. For this reason it is very important to request the following information. First, the DJ should be able to provide a list of at least five to seven references including venue event coordinators…they see dozens of DJ's work…they know best. Second, ask the DJ if he/she has a back up plan in case if illness or family emergency and if they have on-site back up sound equipment. Next, confirm that the DJ has liability insurance as it is now required by many facilities. Lastly, and most importantly, find out how much experience the DJ has. An entertainer with a long career has finely honed skills which will give you the positive outcome that you desire.

Need some compelling reasons to hire Mike for your wedding event?

  • Mike has been providing music and emcee duties since 1986. I've done over 1,000 weddings!
  • Mike is an owner-operator and takes full responsibility for the service he provides. I will be your contact person and consultant throughout the entire process.
  • Mike is highly referred by former clients, venues and other wedding professionals.
  • Mike provides service at one event per day I am 100% focused on only 'your' event.
  • Mike has an on-site back-up sound system.
  • Mike has liability insurance.
  • Mike is as concerned about the success of your event as you are.