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About Us

Let's hear it for 2007!!!
2007 is a fantastic year to be wed! We've researched our competition and have found that most have increased their prices for the New Year. We're keeping ours the same as last year and at the same time stepping up our service offerings. No extra charges for party lights, wireless microphones, etc. If you're marrying in 2008, all bookings this year will reflect this year's pricing - guaranteed.

Details, details, details . . .
If you already have a wedding planner, working with us you'll feel like you have double the professionalism handling the details of your wedding. If you don't have a planner, we'll step up to the plate and handle many of the details from your Grand Entrance all the way to organizing the cutting of the cake. You'll be surrounded by friends and family the day of your wedding . . . let us worry about the timeline and handling any last minute details. We're proficient at working with everyone from banquet staff to photographers and help ensure everyone is on the same page with respect to the details you've worked so hard to outline.

Enough about us already, let's talk about you!!!
Do you know what questions to ask a prospective disc jockey? We'll e-mail, mail or fax you a document which lists what we believe to be very important questions you should have answered before you hire entertainment for your most special day. We'd be happy to impart our knowledge and experience onto you so you're completely comfortable with your decision to hire. This way, you'll be able to concentrate on all the other extra special details you have planned to create a memorable day for you and your guests.

Full Service and At Your Service
We're not just disc jockeys, we're Event Specialists and are well integrated with the climate here in the Greater San Diego Area. Which means if you're struggling with decisions on other services (i.e. photographers, florists, videographers, etc.) we work and collaborate with the best on a regular basis and can take the guess work out of your research. We don't operate our business out of our homes; Come to our elegant offices located in the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Courtyard and let us show you how we'll add immeasurable value to your day.

Final Thought . . .
Events by Design Professional Disc Jockeys have experience and know the amount of taste and elegance necessary to seamlessly incorporate music throughout your wedding day. We bring with us unparalleled professionalism and experience coupled with your best interests at heart to create and execute a perfectly planned day.