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About Us

Events of love and splendor is a boutique wedding and event design firm based in southern California. We are passionate about creating fabulous events for our discerning clientele… events that sparkle, delight and inspire.

Our design philosophy is to utilize whimsical and unique elements to create a standout event. Drawing upon inspiration from nature, fashion, art, history and culture, we will develop delicious details that will set your event apart. You will find no lack of innovation and enthusiasm for the escalation of your event on every level: style, creativity and personalization. We embrace your ideas, your taste, your inspiration…and take them to the next étage using our stylish interpretation.

Each event is carefully planned and coordinated by owner Angel Swanson. Angel’s educational background includes two bachelor degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied Italian history and political science. She also spent time in law school and studying at Harvard. While she demonstrated much promise in the legal arena, she felt an urge to pursue a more creative career path that would foster and utilize her artistic side. L&S is built on Angel’s personal style and aesthetic, as well as the highest level of service for our clientele. As an excellent communicator and seasoned public speaker and writer, Angel is able to translate a client’s vision to other vendors and bring it to fruition. Angel is lauded by her clients as fashion-forward, confident, creative, and enthusiastic. Her youthful exuberance and joy in each endeavor truly make an impact on her clients and their guests. L&S is delighted to be considered as the event designer for your beautiful day. Please let us know how we can assist you in creating your own sparkling event of love and splendor.