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Akron, OH 44311
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About Us

Everlasting Moments Photography is composed of a team of photographic experts whose main goal is to make their clients desires become a reality. Each member of their team brings to the table a specific area of expertise, training and talent. Together, their creative talents and specialties make up Everlasting Moments Photography.

When asked why Everlasting Moments Photography is different from any other photography studio, the staff finds their answer to be an easy one. It is their energy and enthusiasm for what they do that allows them to capture their clients’ once in a lifetime moments with a creative flair like no other. At Everlasting Moments, they take the time to get to know who their clients are, and what their likes and dislikes are. This adds a personal touch to each and every photograph that is taken. “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” and when you are able to relate to your clients on a personal level, their personality pours through those windows and into the eyes of the beholder. Everlasting Moments’ portraits tell a story, and when you view them, just as a good book does, it makes you feel as if you were really there when the portrait was captured.