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About Us

...Beauty is in the Details

We take the utmost care and attention in creating a memorable keepsake that will keep you laughing, smiling, and crying for generations to come.

Feel free to visit our website to view sample film clips. Each is uniquely created with the purpose of recreating the feel and ambience of the event so that each special and memorable moment can be relived for years and generations to come.

At the bottom of the page you will find links with additional samples for viewing.

Lou~ After having the opportunity to work closely with his wedding videographer, Lou quickly became inspired to bring his creativity and imagination to the video screen.

Having been a musician since childhood, his journey began when he thought of mixing some music and video of family and friend's parties into video gifts. It quickly turned into a passionate and sometimes obsessive approach to video-making that makes each and every one of his creations an individual and unique entity.

Lou's greatest joy is witnessing the emotions that his videos evoke in the viewer.

Mindy~ A photography hobbyist since high school, Mindy has turned her passion into a profession. She has evolved into a photojournalist dedicated to capturing the emotion and intricate details that go into each event.

Wherever you find Mindy, her camera won't be far behind. She truly loves photography and is in constant pursuit of that 'perfect shot.'