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About Us

A wedding is a unique event in the life of every couple. Even years later when they look at the photographs, it should bring to their minds this great day in vivid detail. It is therefore very important to Eye Glamour that our photographs reflect the expectations of their clients. Hence we spare no effort or time to understand the vision of our clients because each couple is special to us and this day which belongs to them will never come again but its memories should remain. Whenever they look at the photographs or album we want them to visualize as if it was just taking place.

In addition to capturing amazing wedding photographs, we’re dedicated to providing incomparable service at an unparalleled value. Eye Glamour’s distinctive team method ensures that your experience will be stress-free. We obsess over every detail so that our clients can focus on enjoying the happiest day of their lives. We will walk you through each step of the process to ensure that the entire experience is effortless.

We deliver beautiful work at a value. We offer straightforward pricing with no hidden costs. All of our packages include high resolution digital negatives that give you control of your images. We never limit the number of photos that are taken. We shoot as many pictures as it takes to tell your story.

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