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I do NOT send you predesigned wedding ceremonies.  We meet in person.  "I help you find and celebrate the wedding ceremony that is HIDING within your relationship."  I bring my 40 years of experience to the table as we work together on your celebration.  I can really say that "I have seen it all."

"What makes people holy is NOT how religious they are. What makes people holy is how LOVING they are. We celebrate how great it is that these two people love each other."

All of us are tired of boring weddings.    How many times does the priest, minister, rabbi, or judge, seem to go off on his/her own agenda during the ceremony? How many times the ceremony seems TOO SHORT or TOO LONG. I use my 12 years of seminary training and then my 40 years of planning and celebrating weddings, to help you find your ceremony - the ceremony that is "yours". It might end up being a very "traditional" ceremony or something quite different - but always the result of what the bride and groom want. I give the same attention to the most humble of ceremonies, to the most lavish, from a small wedding in a back yard to weddings I have performed on television and expansive estates.

I am a retired Catholic Priest on inactive status. I perform marriages in the capacity of a Non- Denominational Minister. I have been performing weddings all over California since 1971. I perform weddings for couples of ALL religious backgrounds, and even for couples who want absolutely nothing religious in their ceremony. I have planned and performed thousands of weddings. In the planning time I have never presented Ceremonies A, B and C for the bride and groom to review, with them having to choose the ceremony that would do "the least damage to their relationship". Rather, I plan each ceremony with the bride and groom so that the celebration is exactly what they want it to be. It usually takes only one, two hour planning session to accomplish this. What we plan might be a very traditional ceremony or just the opposite. HOWEVER, it is also a great joy for me to celebrate the wedding for the couple who chooses to elope. I also speak Spanish. I celebrate Quinceañeras and wedding anniversaries. After all of these years, I am now performing Weddings for couples who are the children of those who I married years, and years ago.

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