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About Us

Fig is on a mission to redefine the role of the DJ at weddings. When you mention "wedding DJ" most people immediately get a picture in their heads of the guy in a cheesy tuxedo (complete with sequin vest) at the helm of cheap lights and exploding smoke machines. His cordless microphone allows him to roam the room getting everyone excited (or annoyed) about the notorious "Chicken Dance" or "Electric Slide". Fig is out to deconstruct this stereotype.

In our boutique environment with our expansive creative resources we work to serve you and your company as an individual. Whether it is a distinctive wedding, an expansive multi-faceted corporate event or a creative concept for a commercial video shoot-we round it out with our expansive resources, in house creative talent and 12 years of experience as a go to Chicago company.

Fig began as and continues to be a unique DEEJAY company. We value music, and are about playing great music and facilitating the event, not about doing a show with props. Not that props are bad, but -at a wedding? Okay, props are bad. You pay for a hip venue, you have tasteful flowers that reflect your aesthetic, your lighting and ambiance is just so - why a sweaty guy in a tux with truss lighting and a big mouth? If you get this, you will get us.

We are the new wave of Deejays and have been setting the trend since 1992 in Chicago. Hip, low key, trained to read the crowd and- here is the clincher, to manage, interpret and read event flow. We address the architecture of the space, the architecture or structure of the event, the mini events within the big event and then map to a desired outcome. We take into consideration demographics and your personal preferences then strategize to represent you musically at the event.

Visit us at www.figmediainc.com to read more about our deejays and other wedding services.