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As our business has grown, so to have the wants and needs of our clients. All our staff have either been born in the South Pacific, lived and worked there or traveled extensively through its islands. This is an important point for our customer, because we know the details that can help make your trip a truly unique and memorable experience. Call and let us take the time to guide you through all aspects of your journey.

Through out you will find programs that we have developed that may exactly suit your needs. You can use them as guides to customize your perfect itinerary. Because of Fiji Travel's long time presence in the U.S. market place, we are encouraged by our repeat clients to include India and South East Asia in the program. You can now request brochures for these markets or ask our agent to customize tours to India, Bangkok, Indonesia - Bali, Manado, Hong Kong, Malayasia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Maldives, Mexico, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antigua, Jamaica and more Caribbean destinations.

In today's world, distances between nations may be the only constant. There are many new ways to research, explore and even book travel plans. You can contact us by Email: or call us at 1.800.500.3454. As our clients from around the world have discovered, there is nothing like the personal service we offer.


Vinaka, Maururu and Thank You.

Your friends at Fiji Travel.

For over 20 years, Fiji Travel have been the recognized experts and leaders in the field of customized travel to South Pacific: (Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands), Asia, South East Asia, Bahamas and it's neighboring islands.