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About Us

I have a keen visual sense, I notice the details and these are crucial in photography, the hair out of place, the unbuttoned jacket, but especially how light falls on a subject. Why Firefly? Fireflies make a big impact with a small amount of light, and in photography, light is the most important element in creating an image that is special. Small amounts can make a big difference. We all have photographs that document the event, but feel flat. I strive to create images composed in a way that makes you feel the moment after it has passed. Special images.

As for style, I am versatile, I am happy to do classic, formal, or informal portraits, and love to do candid shots as well. It’s up to you to choose what you feel comfortable with. You also choose what percentage you would like of color and black and white images, and digital and/or film. Please bring your own ideas about images you’d like, and we can decide together what to try.

I approach each new project with a sense of style, energy and fun. Please visit my website or contact me for further details on what I can offer you.