About Us

We understand that you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a wedding videography company. First, know that we will always work with you to stay within your budget! However, no matter what you choose for us to cover, we always provide:

  • A personalized, private website for you - and anyone else you wish to share it with - to view your videos (highlight & full feature)! We also can set it up so people can purchase DVD's or Blu-ray's directly from your webpage, instead of having to go through you for the purchase!
  • A 3-5 minute highlight trailer, that shows the highlights of what we captured, whether it be a ceremony, ceremony & reception, or an entire day! It will be set to music, and is typically available for viewing within a week of your wedding.
  • A full feature video, that will always show the ceremony in full, from start to finish. While the ceremony will be shown as it was captured, the rest of the video will be expanded highlights of your wedding day, with some music overlays. Key items such as speeches, first dances, the cutting of the cake, and the bouquet & garter tosses will also be shown in full.
  • Once you give us approval on the full feature video, we produce a DVD and/or Blu-ray that looks just like a movie DVD. It comes in a case, with a custom designed cover and label. The DVD menu is customized to fit within the theme of your wedding. Depending on the coverage, at times there are additional features, such as full footage from activities such as the photo shoot, or a photo gallery of some of our favorite "still" shots we captured through our video cameras! You'll always receive your choice of up to 3 DVDs and/or Blu-rays (or any combination of).

The Firefly Experience

We’d like to tell you a little bit about the Firefly Experience; what you will receive from us if you choose us to capture your wedding day:

  1. We are videographers who love capturing weddings and providing final keepsake videos that let you relive the day as it happened. We are not filmmakers or cinematographers; we are passionate, experienced wedding videographers, and we are proud to say that!
  2. We are a male/female videographer team: Maurice and Carrie. We have known and worked with each other for 20 years, so we can practically read each other’s minds. We know how to work together to produce the best results!
  3. A photographer captures a moment in time, and many can be posed moments. Some videographers also do posed shots for their use, but we don’t. We capture the true movement of your wedding day. Everything you see on your video will be as it happened.
  4. We do not come in with huge equipment; our cameras are small and unassuming. We do this because it’s our job to be in the background and ideally we don’t want to be noticed. We also come in, when necessary, with small Bluetooth mics (that hide perfectly in a suit pocket!) so we can make sure we capture your words during the ceremony.
  5. We will show your entire ceremony in your full feature video. There are no special effects or music overlays during the ceremony footage unless you request them.
  6. When we cover a reception, we don’t just provide you with quick highlights set to music. You’ll see the speeches, the first dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, the cutting of the cake, and the bouquet and garter tosses, along with any other unique events you may have!
  7. We can cover not only your ceremony and reception, but also your day of prep (for the bride and groom), first looks, pre-ceremony photo shoots, send-offs, and also any activities before or after the wedding such as rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, or gift opening brunches.
  8. We prefer to use two videographers for the wedding ceremony. Even with a short ceremony, it can be very difficult to capture it with just one manned camera, and because the ceremony is the most important part we don’t want to miss anything! Two videographers also means two different perspectives, and it allows us to cover the reactions of both the bride and groom!
  9. While we are open to providing just one videographer for prep and reception coverage, we will always shoot with two videographers for the ceremony. Why? Because there are two of you. And with only one videographer, we can’t capture you both. We want to be able to capture both of your expressions and movements, and not have to compromise. We will work within your budget to determine whether one or two videographers are needed for your prep and/or reception coverage, but your ceremony will always have two videographers no matter what.
  10. We work as a team to make sure your Firefly experience is a positive one! From working with you prior to the wedding to make sure we are covering everything appropriately, to the design of your personal website, to the music selection, to the video editing, we work together throughout the whole process to make sure you get the best experience possible from start to finish.


If you have any questions, please let us know. We like to work with each couple and make it a personalized experience. We want to make sure we capture the day in motion so you have it for a lifetime! – Maurice Barnes & Carrie Suntken, Co-Owners, Firefly Productions



Wonderful people to work with! They kept me informed every step of the way! They worked with my budget but didn't cut services. I highly recommend them for your special day!

Nov 24, 2014