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About Us

Beyond Your Expectations
At Five Star valet we offer the service you deserve at a price you can afford. Whether it is a small exclusive gathering or a reception for the Diva Mariah Carey (that we successfully handled last fall), Five Star will work within your budget always offering you the best in service. We are fortunate enough to handle accounts such as the Hilton Corporation along with a number of well established restaurants and night clubs. Our mission is to provide the same quality of service for all venues offering a Five Star Experience from 50 to 5000.

Our Staff
Five Star Valet Corporation chooses valets on the basis of significant qualities in order to help our customers feel confident with their decision. Having experience, good driving records, age appropriate, personal hygiene and appearance are a must to be apart of the Five star team. Rigorous training sessions are necessary to assure they understand the code of ethics and conduct.

Five Star Valet Corporation is one which has not only a team of dedicated supervisors but also a fully staffed team of over 40 experienced valets. We our proud of our low employee turnover and to have them part of our family. Our Valets take their responsibilities seriously and will always provide you with a guarantee of reliable service.

Catering to any size venue Five Star Corporation is proud to offer the “Best in Class” when it comes to valet services. We are available for large of one day events to the daily needs of restaurants or nightclubs. When thinking of service, professionalism, quality, and peace of mind, why give your customers anything less than a Five Star level of service?

We offer our customers a powerful resource for success, no matter how large or small your request. Five Star will customize a program which will fit your needs and budget without ever sacrificing the highest level of service. Listed below is an outline of services we offer our clients. Please contact us regarding any questions or further information you need.