About Us

Are you planning your Big Island wedding? Do you have your flowers, hair stylist, dress and photographer chosen and paid for? Im sure you do. The only thing that could make your wedding much less perfect if not done correctly by a professional is YOUR MAKEUP! You pay so much attention and money for every single detail for your big day, why not your face? The most important thing when wedding in a humid location, such as Hawaii, is your makeup lasting as long as you want it to.

Each time you see a face on television, film or magazines they are most definitely airbrushed! Airbrush makeup has been used exclusively in these industries for almost two decades. All airbrush makeup is NOT created equal, keep in mind.

Airbrush makeup is a mist foundation that makes your skin look flawless. It is made up of thousands of tiny dots, which allow your skin to glow through.  It never leaves the skin heavy or cakey but is very natural looking with unbelievable coverage. It fills in flaws and leaves skin with a soft and velvety finish.  It can be worn all day and it won’t come off until you wash it off.  It holds up in humidity so it is highly recommended for Hawaii brides. It is the only technique used for high definition television due to its “camera ready” texture. So go ahead and dance cheek to cheek and hug your guests and still look as fresh as you did when you said I Do!

TEMPTU Pro Airbrush Makeup System

The brand of choice for the world’s top makeup professionals and their most discerning clients for over twenty-five years. Created by an award-winning chemist during the 1981 cult classic film Tattoo, Dr. Zuckerman developed the original Temptu paint formula and tattoo ink transfer. He discovered that the same formulas could be used to make an exceptional line of long-lasting, skin-safe body paints and cosmetics, giving birth to the Temptu brand. His makeup quickly built a reputation in the professional community for superior quality and longevity. In 2002, the groundbreaking silicone-based formula known as S/B™was introduced. Its unparalleled flawless finish made it an instant classic with makeup and beauty professionals. Today, Temptu is the only professional cosmetic house with three airbrush formulations. Its products can be found gracing the faces and bodies of movie stars, supermodels and cultural icons in feature films and television, in top Broadway productions, and under the tents at New York Fashion Week. Temptu has been able to develop the highest quality of professional products on the market and become the industry’s gold standard.