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About Us

Your wedding day will be the most photographed day of your life! And, what's the most important feature in your photographs….your face, of course. You are paying a pretty penny for your photographer, so why not spend a little to protect that investment by ensuring you look flawless.

Sit back and relax on your wedding day and trust the experts. Jordan provides hair and makeup design for you and your bridal party. There are no outrageous travel fees; Jordan's supplies are created for travel so she comes to you on your big day.

Jordan's goal is to make you look like YOU…only better! By using a production makeup technique, Jordan's makeup artistry creates the proper balance of light reflection and absorption. This allows you to not only look flawless in person, but to photograph flawlessly as well. These techniques have been used in the entertainment industry for years. It's about time for you to get in the loop too!

The Science
It's time women start understanding the scientific reasons behind what we think is pretty. Yes, we are all beautiful, but esthetics are something entirely different. We are learning about feng shui and interior design concepts on TLC, but no one is teaching us WHY it looks better to put shimmery substances on your face in certain areas. It is time to educate ourselves on some basic concepts that science has understood for years. There is a reason why your face looks wide or thin or round and a reason why your eyes appear small or large. Optical illusions can overcome the reality on your face. I'll show you how! And if you are doubtful...good, it means you are thinking!

The Makeup
We use production style makeup. This is the makeup used in television, film, and theater. It is made to withstand the heat from production lights and the perspiration and tears from actors. All these aspects make it an unexpected perfect match for Houston weddings. Not only will it withstand the humidity, heat and tears; it will also last up to 14 hours!