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About Us

Modern Design
​Flicker Stage is a beautiful free standing photo booth that will give your wedding reception that little something extra that you're looking for. At your reception, our photo booth will fit right in with a sophisticated decor. You will love the absence of banners, stickers and logos that could detract from the look you worked so hard to create. Your guests don't sit down in a cramped booth, who wants to sit at a great party? With Flicker Stage, you can even dance while taking great pics!

The discerning host knows that standing in front of a printer for 60 seconds waiting for a low quality strip to print is an energy sucking exercise with dismal results. After you have that strip what do you do with it? Do your bridesmaids even have pockets? We don't print anything! Save the paper, save the ink. All your pictures can be viewed, shared on Facebook, on Twitter, pinned to Pinterest and easily downloaded at no extra charge from your private gallery. With our quality, you'll probably want to send one or two in for framing!

High Fashion Quality
We combined the expertise from award winning photographers, and award winning equipment in one sleek unit. An entire fashion studio is packed neatly inside, and the proof is in the pictures! We are so proud of the pictures the Flicker Stage takes, we hope you'll compare our quality to the competition. 




LOVE Flicker Stage....it was a total blast!!!!!

Mar 29, 2012

Excellent service and quality. Will defiantly use Flicker Stage again!

Mar 07, 2012

So fun! An incredible ice breaker and went perfectly. Highly recommend!

Mar 01, 2012

We just love your "green" concept! Maureen and Alan

Mar 01, 2012