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Flower Designed By You

                                  Gallery –is bouquets that other clients have designed. We would like to have all our brides to send us a bouquet.

                                          Testimonials- There also are testimonials from other bride, mothers and others that have already used our program so please join others and in writing a testimonial and give us your opinion

                                  Click on Start Your Bouquet, once you have put in your e-mail and state that you are getting married in then click start, next you need to put in the event (wedding, anniversary, party) zip code of the state getting married in and the date of the wedding. The reason for the state and zip code of wedding the flowers that are in season will be available for you designs.

Now you are going to see a video this will walk you through the process of using the program.

Once you have tried the demo go to create account to save all your designs and create more with the use of all of the flowers, fillers, and greens.

After signed in you are brought to my bouquets this is your home page. On this page at the top is  Create a new bouquet or in a blue box is also create a new bouquet. Click on this and you will be brought to a blank canvas  where you can start designing your creations.

Now back to my bouquets- there is pre-designed bouquets: this was created for the brides that think that they are not creative enough to design their own bouquet. Just pick a bouquet and it will be sent to your canvas and you can then change the colors of the flowers or change out the flowers for the ones that you want in your bouquet.

My Bouquets- this page is where all bouquets are listed .

My Events-This is where all your events and dates are stored clicking on one of these and it will bring you to that event bouquets. Or if you are done with that event you can delete it.

My Account- is where your name, address is also you can update your password here.

Billing information- you can update or change your credit card info.

  1. There are 800 flowers fillers and greens in this program, putting in your wedding date the flowers that are available for that time of season will come up.
  2. The bar in the right hand corner there is a house that will bring you back to the front page.
  3. The ? is the help button where you are reading this now. The lock is where you log out. The arrow will take you to my bouquet.

Now click on a wedding under my bouquets.

Back to the left side top is the

  1. Backgrounds- For now there are 3 different back grounds more to come.
  2. . Flowers- you can choose all flowers and select from that or type in a name of the flower and that flower will come up if it is in season. You can choose by color or by price, by price there are $ signs 1 sign being the least expensive and four $ being the most expensive.
  3. Green –leaves, stems, ect.
  4. Fillers- are most all small flowers in all colors.
  5. Accessories- there are vases, baskets, beads ,rocks, shells, bulbs, bows, and more.
  6. Templates- with 19 different templates you can make cascade, round, arm bouquet or even a head piece and more.
  7. My canvas-    you can check to see the flowers that you used or drag a flower to the canvas. 
  8.  $ sign - are 1$ meaning less expensive 4$meaning most expensive.
  9. The bar in the middle top of the page this is where you can add more events
  10.  the bar under add new event you can name each design that you make, for instance bride, maid of honor, bride maid and so on.
  11. The box on the right tells the name of the flower and a description and the pricing sign. If the flowers come in different colors the colors will be at the bottom.
  12. On the bottom is 2 arrows one brings flowers forward and one puts them back, the circle is  flip, trash can is delete and the 2 pages is make a cope.
  13. The bottom box is advertising they keep rotating.
  14. The last box is see all ads, click on this all the ad come up click on one of the ads and you will go to that vendors web site click out and you will come back to Flowers Designed By You