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About Us

I Remember...

Planting pansies in my mother's garden, the trails of ants making themselves at home in the peony plants, picking armfuls of lilacs, fingers red with the juice of fresh raspberries, hiding in the hollyhocks, and of course, the lily of the valley and daffodils pushing their little heads up from under the snow in early spring...

I have many sweet memories like this which shape all the arrangements created at Flowerwild. Flowerwild is not your everyday flower shop. We don't have stuffed animals or balloons, we don't use fillers, and we definitely do not compromise quality for quantity.

Rather, we are a haven for all flower lovers. Here, we work with the untamed beauty of mother nature to create bouquets that complement each individual flower. The idea behind our family owned business is to create a place where people can really experience the beauty of all varieties of flowers...in a style that's loose and romantic, whimsical, and dreamy.

Whether you need a tender bouquet of sweet peas and tulips for the kitchen, or dazzling arrangements of dahlias and antique roses draped with jasmine for your wedding, we can accomodate you. nowhere else will you find designs as unique or beautiful - nor will you encounter a service that treats its clients with such care. We love what we do and we want you to love it too...right down to the smallest petal...