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About Us

Focale Wedding photo is a international fine art wedding team based in London, Paris and Milan, specialized in creative, photojournalistic and fashion photography.

Focale Wedding is considered one of the top wedding photography and video making agency in Europe.

Their photographers have been awarded by the most important international organizations dedicated to wedding photography.

For more informations: www.wedding.focale.it


As a new bride shopping photographers, do I have some advice for you!

First of all, when you interview a photographer, perhaps the single most important thing to know is that it's very easy for new or average quality photographers to buy a fancy website that makes them look as good as the really great photographers - at first glance.
The thing to remember is that most photographers will pick out their favorite 20 images from each wedding and show those on their website, but that should leave you wondering what the heck they were doing for the rest of the 10 hours during that day.
You need to know that any beginner can get 20 good shots during a 10 hour day.

So don't ask a photographer to "Show me your best picture."
What you should be asking them to do, is.... "Tell me a story." And believe me, there is a HUGE difference between the photographers that can get 20 decent shots, and those that can get the hundres of great images it takes to tell the whole story of your day. (cfr. Glen)