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About Us

Your bridal bouquet will offer you and your fiancè a lifetime of warm and loving memories, and it can be one of the few real remembrances from your wedding day to remind you of the romance of the occasion. If you preserve it properly, your bouquet will become a keepsake to be treasured and passed down for generations to come.

Who We Are
At Forever Flower Bouquets, we focus on the specific needs of each bride, primarily in the Atlanta area. We limit the number of bouquets we press so that we can spend personal time with each bride, especially in the layout and design phase.

We are personally involved in every decision about your bouquet. The company was started in 1994 after the owner , Barri Nolin, had a career in finance and then attended school for horticulture. Forever Flower Bouquets has preserved over 2,000 pieces of floral artwork since 1994.

How We Preserve Your Flowers
The process actually starts before the wedding, with you deciding to preserve your bouquet. This decision needs to be made before the wedding, because the flowers will need to be preserved right after the wedding and delivered to Forever Flowers within 48 hours. And should you need to arrange shipping or pickup, we will need to discuss that in advance. The flowers should be kept refrigerated until delivery. We offer convenient Sunday delivery to our Roswell office.

We ask that you do not throw the original bouquet to bridesmaids during the traditional tossing of the bouquet, but plan ahead to use a throwaway bouquet, so the original bouquet is not damaged.

The Finished Product
Once you have made your choices, we will complete the final piece, and then arrange a mutually-agreeable time for you to pick up your treasure or have it shipped to you. We will also advise you on hanging it properly so that the bouquet will be away from strong natural or artificial light, which could accelerate the discoloration of the flowers.