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Forever In A Day.

The most memorable meals of your life.

When Chef Todd Hogan designs and prepares your menu, it will be more than the perfect food for your wedding. It will be one of the most memorable meals of your life. The cuisine will stand up against that of any extraordinary restaurant you visit anywhere.

For you, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. For Chef Todd, it is his life--a daily commitment to his passion for food. Every time he picks up a knife, it is a chance to challenge himself to reach new heights with his delectable creations. You and your the guests benefit from that. Your event gets Chef Todd's absolute attention and focus. He gets involved and takes pride in every dish he creates. He offers suggestions, answers your questions and contributes to the overall success of your event.

Chef Todd brings his world-class training, experience, reputation and recognition to your event. A true culinary master, he can invent something fabulous which includes the ingredients you love most. Tell us your favorite food, your favorite country, your family's culture or the theme of your event. We'll bring forth fabulous dishes which are uniquely yours that define your event just as you've imagined.

If you're overwhelmed by the possibilities, we'll suggest rich and exciting choices which work together to create an impressive and delightful offering. With Forever In a Day, you're not just getting typical catering from a big company. You're getting the great pride, traditions, experience and care of a world-class chef. Forever in a Day turns your fairy tale dream into real day that will live forever in your memories.