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Unlike any Wedding you've ever been to, your Guests will definitely remember your Wedding!!... How Romantic it is... How personalized... How meaningful..

An InspirationWedding(c) features your Romantic Tale(c), and your Officiant Mitch engaging everyone in the magic of your relationship, and how you two are "Meant To BE"!  Every part of your Ceremony will be MUCH more personalized and MUCH more meaningful when it's part of your InspirationWedding!!

Online: ~ Mitch performs InspirationWeddings for mixed-gender and same-gender couples, mixed cultures, languages and religions, Cowboy Weddings (Specialty), and Ceremonias en Espanol!

Contact Mitch @ tel: 916} 247.1655 or eMail: to consider the magical possibility of YOU having an InspirationWedding!!


While everyone is taking care of the bride, SacGroom has all the answers for the groom and his groomsmen. Get every question answered and find some helpful information for things you may need to consider. is here to keep you Forever Inspired.