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About Us

Custom designed stores that cater to men and top of the line merchandise makes Formally Modern Tuxedo the Chicago Formalwear Specialist. Whether you are searching for a designer tuxedo for your wedding or the latest in professional attire, Formally Modern Tuxedo will exceed your expectations.

Formally Modern Tuxedo is an independently owned formalwear operation, with each locale tailored to meet your needs. Whatever your tastes, Formally Modern Tuxedo offers superb quality and the most fashionable garments. Grooms, groomsmen, men who have to go formal for any event – everyone will find themselves more at home at Formally Modern Tuxedo than any other formalwear store.

Our purpose in life: revolutionizing men’s formalwear shopping

Formally Modern Tuxedo is a new concept in men’s formalwear retailing, fulfilling a vision to take the agony out of the men’s formalwear shopping experience. Everything from the custom-designed stores to the top-of-the-line merchandise is geared toward smoothly guiding you through the process of renting or purchasing formal attire while totally taking the pain and dread out of the experience.

How do you take the agony out? Does it require surgery? Does it hurt?

Valid questions. No surgery required. We’ve made it a great environment with a plasma TV, wi-fi, the right fashions, wedding invites at 50% off, awesome attendant gifts and a sales force that gets it. We’re working to make it pleasant for guys and girls to shop with us. At the same time. Amazing, but true.

The right styles.

You prefer classic to modern? You’re not sure? We have you covered whatever your tastes may be. Our sales force is not letting you out the door unless they think you look like a million bucks. They’re very particular. Fun, but particular about fashion. It’s a healthy attribute to have when you’re in the fashion business. And, you may have already noticed, far too uncommon in men’s formalwear. Go figure.

FMT’s organization

Formally Modern Tuxedo is an independently owned, employee-owned company comprised of a number of industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience in men’s formalwear in the Chicagoland area. The group most recently comes from another men’s formalwear retailer that was purchased by the May Group, and then was purchased in early 2005 by Federated, then sold again and then consolidated. You probably get where we’re going here. Think independent, smart, flexible, fun, anti-bureaucracy, anti-corporate and you are headed in the right direction.

What’s all the fuss about being independently owned?

Formally Modern Tuxedo came to be because a group of formalwear industry veterans were increasingly frustrated with huge conglomerates taking over privately owned stores and turning them into impersonal templates run from executive offices in other states. When a men’s formalwear chain has to compete with over 900 stores under its corporate parent’s banner to get attention, it might be difficult for customers to get exactly what they need.

At Formally Modern Tuxedo, each location is tailored to meet your needs with a sales force empowered to make decisions about your specific order. You’re not dealing with the mindset of a huge conglomerate, nor are you dealing with companies where tuxedo rental is only part of their business. Each Formally Modern Tuxedo store is focused solely on your formalwear needs.

Thank you

To all of our customers, we thank you for your support. Our goal is to do everything in our power to meet your needs and make this experience as pleasant as possible.