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About Us

Many people, especially folks who aren’t involved with church or haven’t been to church in a long time, find it difficult or awkward to approach a minister or pastor. It’s my hope this web site makes it easier. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about your wedding.

All the decisions you make involving your wedding are important, including who you ask to officiate. I am an ordained minister and I have married dozens of couples. I have training in spiritual direction and premarital preparation. I love liturgy and ceremony and helping people craft reverent, yet personalized weddings.

I believe I offer couples the most personalized, professional services in the DFW area. These are my basic prices:

  • $100  for facilitating the Prepare-Enrich marriage preparation assessment when you hire me to perform your ceremony.
  • $200 for facilitating the Prepare-Enrich marriage preparation assessment when I do not perform your ceremony.
  • $250 for a personalized ceremony and a rehearsal
  • $200 for a personalized ceremony without a rehearsal
  • $150 for a stock ceremony with no rehearsal

I hold a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School.  Yes, that Harvard!  I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister.  I have completed a three year training program with HeartPaths Dallas in Spiritual Direction.  I am a certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator.    I am the “real deal.”  I am a professional, experienced, credentialed, ordained minister.   Please make sure you entrust your wedding to someone with pastoral and theological training.  There are many wedding ministers out there with suspect credentials.  These days just about anyone can get “ordained” by answering a few questions on a website and printing out a certificate.  People like this may or may not do a fine job of conducting your ceremony.  With me, there is no doubt you will have the wedding you always dreamed about.

A wedding, although wonderful, romantic, and spectacular is a one-time event on one day. Marriage, however, is a long-term commitment. Therefore, I strongly recommend that all couples participate in some form of pre-marital counseling. Many therapists and counselors, especially licensed marriage and family therapists, offer this service. I offer a pastoral counseling preparation using the Prepare-Enrich program.  This is isn't a requirement, just something I offer and recommend because I when I say until "death do you part" I really want it to work out that way.  Couples who complete a premarital counseling or education program are 30% LESS likely to get divorces.  Couples who complete an 8-hour (or longer) premarital program in Texas receive a HUGE discount on the price of their marriage license - $60 off!