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About Us

Friday: Barn will be cleaned and available from 2 pm to 5 pm for decorating, product delivery, wedding attire drop off, rental deliveries and any set up required for your event.

Round Tables & Chairs: Round tables that seat six and chairs for each table will be provided at no cost. If you need more that what we have you will have to provide those.

Long Tables: We do not have any long tables available; in the event you need them you will need to rent or borrow. In the past, the long tables have been used primarily for food, deserts, holding gifts, event sign up and payment.

Table Placement: You can place the tables anywhere you choose. They can be placed in the stalls, outside, upstairs in the loft or down the middle of the aisle.

Linens: Available upon request at no charge.

Stalls: Tables in stalls? Please let us know prior to day of event.

Tents: Tents can be placed anywhere on the property as deemed appropriate or necessary.

Ladies Leopard "Wine Bar": Includes outside mini-bar, two outdoor gas heaters, ample wine storage and close proximity to friendly horses and appropriately upholstered"leopard" bar stools.

Restrooms/Sani Cans: One "port-a-potty" will be paid for by Four Gables, additional sani-cans will need to be paid for by rental party. We recommend Able Spiffy Biffy.

Trash Receptacle: One will need to be rented for the event. The standard fee for this is $XXX per day. The container can be delivered and picked up at anytime.

Horse Use: Available upon request; horses can be ridden only with supervision of expert level trainer, Barb Ketzel and her assistants. Horses are well trained, well bred and considered family pets. Available for all ages and recommended time frame is two hours. (*** Rates are not included in Four Gables rental contract. This is a separate contract with Barb Ketzel Training.) All riding must be supervised by Barb Ketzel and there will be no "free riding on the range" on Four Gables premises. For more information call Barb Ketzel.

Time Overage: Four Gables does not charge any "hourly overage fees" for any events.

Four Gables Amenities:

  • Full Service Bar: Includes ice maker, kegerator, sink, refrigerator, flat screen HDTV
  • 8 ft x 8 ft projection screen and projector, heater, wood stove, air conditioning in the summer and the "Leopard Ladies" wine bar.
  • Outside "party deck" off of the upstairs barn loft (16ft x 48ft) *Completion date: Summer 2010

Catering & Beverages: Four Gables has no restrictions on vendors used for catering. Additionally, we do not up charge any caterers for their services. All food management must be done by the leaser and no food management will be provided by Four Gables staff. Clean up is expected to be done within 24 hours of event closing time.

On site alcohol: Four Gables does not sell any alcohol and leaser must provide all alcohol for their upcoming event. A banquet permit must be displayed prior to event start date.

Banquet Permits: It is required by state law that all events have a banquet permit. They can be purchased the week before the event at the Fall City Liquor Store. They MUST be posted on site during the event at all times. The cost for this permit is $10.00.

Mandatory Bartenders: Four Gables requires that all events have a state licensed bartender. We have four certified bartenders that are available upon request. Four Gables does not take any money for any alcoholic beverages at anytime.

*** Costs range from $100 to $150 per event. Bartenders have full authority to make decisions regarding the safety of our guests and yours.

Band & DJ Recommendations: We have three highly recommended bands that have played at Four Gables in the past. Groovehouse, HiWatt and the RoadDogs. They are all excellent bands and will make your event a huge success. They can be reached by contacting Katherine Byer. Additionally, we recommend a local DJ, "Swifty" for your events. He is professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Parking & Overflow Parking: Parking available for 30 vehicles and unlimited parking available for "offsite" vehicles within a block of barn location.

Parking lot transportation: Contact information available for shuttle purposes via "horse drawn buggy". Four Gables recommends assigning an individual to assist with parking on site and at off site location.