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We have officiated dozens of wedding ceremonies at many locations and each one has been a unique honor for us.  We are deeply moved by the sacredness and the excitement of the event.  As an interfaith couple, we are always reminded of our own wedding day and experience each couple’s joy as our own.  We work as a team because of who we are as a couple and are honored to help you create a wedding ceremony that will celebrate your love and bring joy and meaning to your day.  

We bring an unique blend of real world experience to our ministry.  Rev. Franne has 15 years experience working in the hotel industry which informs her ability to creatively envision wedding ceremonies and their aesthetics (which always adds to the fun of planning the ceremony and being part of the wedding).  Rev. Bob is a musician and former audio engineer who is quite comfortable interacting with the music vendors to help your wedding sound as good as it looks. 

We are very excited about facilitating the blending of families into something brand new and enjoy the interaction between family members.  We are an Interfaith-Interspiritual couple who have shared our rich backgrounds with each other and have chosen to blend that richness into our life together. Rev. Franne was born into the Jewish tradition and Rev. Bob was born into the Christian tradition. We have both been on a steady path of exploring and embracing the world’s religious and cultural traditions in order to enrich our own lives and the lives of others. We celebrate the beauty, joy, and oneness of all of the world’s faith and spiritual traditions.

Together we can create memories for you, your family and your guests that will linger for a lifetime. 


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